Lifeguard Team Code of Practice

Thank you for joining our Lifeguard team. Remember we are all ambassadors for our club, both on and off poolside. So that we can maintain the highest possible standards during our club sessions, you are asked to follow our Code of Practice:


Club Polo shirt and shorts. (No tracksuit bottoms or joggers please!)
Footwear that can go in the water or be kicked off immediately.
Hair tied back if necessary
No outdoor clothes at ANY time.

Before the session starts

Collect the registers and take them poolside – check for swimmers with medical conditions as marked in the registers
Put out the floats
Agree rota system – one on the lifeguard chair, one patrolling – change every 15-20 minutes

When on duty

Watch the pools at all times
Please don’t chat or eat whilst on poolside
If one lifeguard is called off the poolside (e.g. to attend to a minor medical need), please make sure your partner is aware you are going
In the event of a serious incident (e.g. where an ambulance may be called), remember you must choose one lifeguard to lead, call for assistance, and be ready to clear the pool if necessary

End of session

Don’t leave until everyone is out of the water
Clear up floats and registers

Keeping up your training

Please keep your training log book up-to-date, and remember that you need to take refresher training on a regular basis, even if you are not employed by a pool

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are
NOT allowed on poolside. They must be placed in a locker or handed in at the front desk for safe keeping.