1. Name
1.1 The name of the Club shall be the Richmond Swimming Club

2. Objects

2.1 The objects of the Club shall be the teaching, development and practice of swimming, synchro and water polo for its members.
2.1.1 The Club is committed to treat everyone equally within the context of their activity. This shall be, for example, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, or disability, on any grounds.
2.1.2 The Club shall implement the A.S.A. Equal Opportunities policy
2.2 The Club shall be affiliated to ASA London Region, and shall adopt and conform to the rules of this Association.
2.3 The business and affairs of the Club shall at all times be conducted in accordance with the Laws of the Amateur Swimming Association ("ASA Laws") and in particular:
2.3.1 the Club shall in accordance with ASA Laws adopt the ASA Child Protection Procedures; and shall recognise that the welfare of children is everyone's responsibility and that all children and young people have a right to have fun, be safe and be protected from harm.
2.3.2 members of the Club shall in accordance with ASA Laws comply with the ASA Child Protection Procedures.

3 Membership

3.1 All persons who assist in any way with the club's activities shall become members of the club and hence of the A.S.A. and the relevant A.S.A. membership fee shall be paid. Assisting with the club's activities shall include, administrators, voluntary instructors, teachers, helpers, technical and non-technical officials, of the A.S.A's educational certificates.
3.2 Any person who wishes to become a member of the Club must submit a signed application to the Secretary (and in the case of a junior swimmer the application must be signed by the swimmer's parent or guardian).
3.3 The Club shall not refuse an application for membership on discriminatory grounds, whether in relation to sex, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion or disability.
3.4 The Club shall require that any one parent/guardian of a swimmer under the age of 16 to be at least a non swimming member of the Club and ASA.

4 Subscription and Other Fees

4.1 The annual members subscription shall be determined from time to time by the Committee and the Committee shall in so doing make special provision for different classes of membership.
4.2 The annual subscription shall be due on joining the Club and thereafter on the 1st day of April each year.
4.3 Where a member joins part way through fees will be due pro rata. In the event that a member is experiencing financial difficulties the Chair and Treasurer have the discretion, based on the needs of the individual case, to agree a short term payment arrangement that is declared and monitored.
4.4 The Committee shall, from time to time, have the power to determine the annual membership subscription and other fees. This shall include the power to make such increase in the subscription where the Club pays the individual ASA Membership Fees to the ASA on behalf of members. Any increase in subscriptions shall be advised to the members in writing with the reasons for any increase to be reported to the members at the next Annual General Meeting.

5 Expulsion and other Disciplinary action

5.1 The Committee shall have power to expel a member when, its opinion, it would not be in the interests of the Club for him to remain a member.
5.2 The Club shall adopt and comply with the ASA Guidelines for handling Internal Club Disputes. The Guidelines are set out in the ASA Judicial Laws and appear in the ASA Handbook.

6 Committee

6.1 The Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer and up to six elected members all of whom must be members of the Club. All Committee members must be not less than 18 years of age though the Committee may allow younger member(s) to attend their meetings without power to vote.
6.2 The Committee members shall be proposed, seconded and elected at the Annual General Meeting each year and shall remain in office until their successors are elected at the next Annual General Meeting.
6.3 Committee meetings shall be held not less than once a quarterly. The Chairman and the Secretary shall have discretion to call further meetings of the Committee if they consider it to be in the interests of the Club. Decisions of the Committee shall be made by a simple majority. The Secretary shall take the minutes.
6.4 The Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Club and shall have the sole right of appointing and determining the terms and conditions of service of employees of the Club. The Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that the Accounts of the Club for each financial year be examined by an independent examiner to be appointed by the members in General Meeting. The Committee shall also have power to make regulations and to settle disputed points not otherwise provided for in this Constitution.
6.5 The members of the Committee shall be indemnified by the members of the Club against all liabilities properly incurred by them in the management of the affairs of the Club.
6.6 The Committee shall ensure that the financial records and minutes of meetings are retained for a period of at least 6 years.
6.7 The Committee shall maintain an Accident Book in which all accidents to club members at swimming related activities shall be recorded.

7 Annual General Meeting

7.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held each year on a date in April the date for the Annual General Meeting shall be fixed by the Committee
7.2 The purpose of the Annual General Meeting is to transact the following business:
7.2.1 to receive the Chairman's report of the activities of the Club during the previous year;
7.2.2 to receive and consider the accounts of the Club for the previous year and the report on the accounts of the independent examiner and the Treasurer's report as to the financial position of the Club;
7.2.3 to remove and elect the independent examiner (who must not be a member of the Committee or a member of the family of a member of the Committee) or confirm that he remain in office;
7.2.4 to elect other members of the Committee;
7.3 Nominations for election of members to any office or for membership of the Committee shall be made at the

8 Procedure at the Annual and Special General Meetings

8.1 The Secretary shall personally be responsible for the handing out of a written agenda giving notice of the date, time and place of the Annual General Meeting. This list to include the nominees for the Committee posts and a copy of the examined accounts.
8.2 The Chairman shall take the chair. The Secretary shall take minutes. Each member present shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority. Only paid up members who have reached their 16th birthday shall be entitled to be heard and to vote on all matters.

9 Alteration of the Rules and other Resolutions

9.1 The rules may be altered by resolution at an Annual General Meeting.
9.2 Any member shall be entitled to put any proposal for consideration at any General Meeting.

10 Finance

10.1 All moneys payable to the Club shall be received by the Treasurer and deposited in a bank account in the name of the Club. No sum shall be drawn from that account except by cheque signed by two of the three signatories who shall be the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Any moneys not required for immediate use may be invested as the Committee in its discretion think fit.
10.2 The Committee shall have power to authorise the payment of expenses to any officer or member of the Club for services rendered to the Club.
10.3 The financial transactions of the Club shall be recorded by the Treasurer. The financial year of the Club shall be the period commencing on 1st April and ending on 31st March.

11 Dissolution

11.1 A resolution to dissolve the Club shall only be proposed at a General Meeting and shall be carried by a majority of at least three- quarters of the members present and entitled to vote. A specific date for the dissolution shall be included in the resolution.
11.2 The dissolution shall take effect from the date specified in the resolution and the members of the Committee shall be responsible for the winding-up of the assets and liabilities of the Club.
11.3 Any property remaining after the discharge of the debts and liabilities of the Club shall be given to a charity or charities nominated by the last Committee.


12.1 The Members acknowledge that these Rules constitute a legally binding contract to regulate the relationship of the members with each other and the Club.